Qui se cache derrière les Pépites de Mya

Who is behind the Pépites de Mya

If you're passing by, it's because you're looking to find out who's behind this boutique with its varied gems. So make yourself comfortable, light a little fondant to relax, and get ready to read this little story to help you discover a little more about who I am! 

A young artisan who has always been passionate about perfumery, that's a short sentence to quickly sum up who I am. I discovered my passion for candle making thanks to an exceptional woman who passed on her know-how to me. I then decided to embark on the adventure and create my own products. I then decided to use the finest raw materials and worked with master perfumers from Grasse, the cradle of perfumery.

But in reality this choice was inspired by my father, who when I was still a little girl, introduced me to this magnificent city with its exceptional scents. By working with master perfumers from Grasse, I am committed to offering you a unique olfactory moment while preserving French know-how. My goal is to take you on a journey and you share my passion as much as possible thanks to meticulous work and packaging that you will like.

Over time, I began to make a name for myself in the craft world. People around me appreciated my products and my passion for perfumery. I received a lot of encouragement from my family and friends, who pushed me to continue to go even further. It is thanks to their support that I was able to build everything that makes Mya's nuggets what it is today.

Today, my products are recognized for their quality, their unique fragrance and their creativity. I created my online store to allow my customers to order my products anywhere in France. 

I am proud to share with you my passion for perfumery and to make French know-how prosper. I am committed to combining eco-responsible products with quality that will not leave you indifferent to allow you to experience exceptional olfactory moments.



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